Mrs. Ogden's 5th grade class

Mrs. Ogden has received the Renaissance National Honor Roll for Accelerated Reader, MyON, and STAR Assessments. The program recognizes teachers, librarians, and school administrators across the nation utilizing Renaissance solutions in their classrooms to their fullest and, in turn, seeing measurable student growth. The program is designed to guide teachers to use data targets that is research proven to provide greater student growth by implementing recommended strategies.

Teachers must participate in professional development from August through March that is designed to help teachers improve implementation of the programs in order to get more out of the programs. The ultimate goal is to show student growth throughout the year. Teachers must complete all professional development and submit their classroom data showing achievement of identified targets. Educators meeting the target are recognized with an achievement kit that includes student certificates, a classroom pennant, and a school banner. 

When asked about her motivation for participating in the program, Mrs. Ogden responded, "My motivation for using Renaissance Royals for my 5th grade classroom stemmed from wanting to see improvement in not just reading but all subjects across the board. By using the program and implementing the guided best practice strategies provided by Renaissance, overall my students showed improvement in all subjects by at least two grade levels. My students pushed themselves to accomplish goals throughout the year. I look forward to using this program for years to come."