Science Fair banner

Forest Grove School recently held its annual Science Fair. Participation was voluntary at the elementary level and middle school classes completed a group project in class. Science Fairs are designed to allow participants to explore and implement the scientific method. Science fair projects allow students to explore student interests and develop project management skills. In addition to these benefits, students are required to present their projects to the judging team and hone their personal speaking skills.

This year's Grand Champion was second grader, Delilah Harder. Delilah explored which horse treat was liked best by her horses. Delilah presented treats to her horses and allowed horses to choose the treat they wanted.  

Other elementary winners included: Nikolas Rice- 1st place in First Grade, Arianna Northcutt- 1st place in 2nd grade, David Hayes - 2nd place in 2nd grade, Derell Lowe- 2nd place in 2nd grade, Jack Phipps- 1st place in 3rd grade, and Joy Cox- 1st place in 5th grade.

Middle School students chose a class Science Fair Project and worked cooperatively to complete their Science Fair Project in class. The sixth grade won the gold medal for their project. They investigated which solution would grow crystals the best. The eighth graders was awarded the silver medal for their project which built a model of an electrical circuit; seventh grade was given the bronze medal for their project that modeled an electrical motor.

The middle school science teacher, Daniel Ridenour, was the school sponsor for the Science Fair this year. Mrs. Gilbert and Mrs. Wheeler served as judges for the event.